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Okay I know I’ve been AWOL but I’m back!! I’ve just uploaded a new blog post explaining why I went away check it out! New content coming very soon... and I mean that this time 😂 check out my blog in my BIO!! ❤️😬 #guesswhosbackbackagain #blogging #suffolkblogger #travelblogger
I always find walking my doggo helps me clear my head and also a great way to think of new blog ideas! Just wish I had more time to spend writing and producing content! 🤔🍂🍁 #doggo #germanshepherd #husky #beautiful #walkies #suffolk #suffolkblogger #blogger #autumn #bestfriend
BOYS AND GIRLS ! Guess who finally uploaded a new blog post?!? Yup it’s moi, and I think it could be relatable to a lot of people so go and check it out and give it some love pleaseee 💗🌸 Life After University at Shannon’ #suffolk #burystedmunds #lottieswaffles #suffolkblogger #university #mentalhealth #depression #newpost #blog #blogger #travelblogger #travel #wanderlust #midsizegals
In search of of a new beginning... Not sure what I would do without my doggo! She really does make me happy even when I’m at my lowest 💗🌸 #travelblogger #suffolkblogger #doggie #germanshepherd #husky #walkies #knettishalheath #suffolk #blogging #midsizegals #travel #wanderlust
So nice to finally have a weekend off of work and spend it with my bestie at Southwold. What is everyone up too this weekend ? 🌸😌
Throwback to being in my favourite city 🗽 cannot wait to go off travelling on my own next year! Saving all my pennies and just gonna disappear for a while 🗺 #travelblogger #blogging #blog #travel #NYC #newyork #midsizegals #suffolkblogger #USA #travelling #views #instapic #instatravel


The disadvantages of falling in love.

So it is currently 01:20am and I have just had a complete breakdown.

It has just hit me like a TON of fucking bricks that I have fallen completely in love with someone who will never love me back. I mean it’s completely my own doing because he told me from the beginning he didn’t want a relationship but you can’t help who you fall in love with. We’ve been ‘seeing’ (if you can even use that word) each other for around 5 months now, and we get along really well. He’s funny, clever and so so handsome… someone I could honestly see myself spending my life with, but he doesn’t want that. And Idk if it’s me that he doesn’t want… or just a girlfriend in general? I have no idea why he is the way he is and it is so frustrating not being able to figure someone out.

The day I knew I loved him was actually only around a month ago (Maybe from the beginning but this confirmed it for me). There was a fight that he was involved in at the pub I work at and I all of a sudden got so protective over him, making sure he wasn’t going to get hurt. So I stepped in to try and end the fight, baring in mind I am 5’1″ and wouldn’t hurt a fly… but I would for him. I would literally do anything for him. If he told me to jump off a bridge, I probably fucking would at this rate (which is insane I KNOW!). I have only ever felt like this 1 time and the fact that he didn’t want me turned me into a psycho and I don’t want to go back to that dark place again.

Sometimes I think i’m just going crazy but then I’ll see him talking to another girl and get super fucking jealous and want to rip their hair out. I think falling in love has actually driven me insane.

Anyway getting back to the point of this post… the disadvantages of falling in love: If he doesn’t love you back, you’re left heartbroken. And I mean like physical pain, my head hurts, my heart hurts. All i wanna do is curl up into a ball and cry for 12 months. That’s where I am at right now…

I am going to New Zealand in September for a while (not forever) just because I want to experience something new and get away for a while. Have a break from my life here in the UK and finally meet family that I have never met before. I just wish that he was going to be here for when I come back and we could do life together but I know that’t me living in a dream world.

So M if you are reading this, (which i doubt), I am completely in love with you. Okay your a bit of an idiot when you drink too much but you’re my idiot. I wish that you would just give us a chance but if not then that’s fine, I can’t force you to want me. But just so you know, I’m not going to just be your ‘bit on the side’ anymore. I can’t. It is completely breaking me, and I don’t want to go off the rails again like the last time I fell for someone.

I could carry on writing for hours about how I feel right now and how I feel about ‘M’ but I won’t because it’s probably boring AF to read and plus I’m nearly falling asleep writing this.

Top tip to any single ladies out there: be careful who you fall in love with because when the feelings aren’t mutual… It will break you.

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