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Okay I know I’ve been AWOL but I’m back!! I’ve just uploaded a new blog post explaining why I went away check it out! New content coming very soon... and I mean that this time 😂 check out my blog in my BIO!! ❤️😬 #guesswhosbackbackagain #blogging #suffolkblogger #travelblogger
I always find walking my doggo helps me clear my head and also a great way to think of new blog ideas! Just wish I had more time to spend writing and producing content! 🤔🍂🍁 #doggo #germanshepherd #husky #beautiful #walkies #suffolk #suffolkblogger #blogger #autumn #bestfriend
BOYS AND GIRLS ! Guess who finally uploaded a new blog post?!? Yup it’s moi, and I think it could be relatable to a lot of people so go and check it out and give it some love pleaseee 💗🌸 Life After University at Shannon’ #suffolk #burystedmunds #lottieswaffles #suffolkblogger #university #mentalhealth #depression #newpost #blog #blogger #travelblogger #travel #wanderlust #midsizegals
In search of of a new beginning... Not sure what I would do without my doggo! She really does make me happy even when I’m at my lowest 💗🌸 #travelblogger #suffolkblogger #doggie #germanshepherd #husky #walkies #knettishalheath #suffolk #blogging #midsizegals #travel #wanderlust
So nice to finally have a weekend off of work and spend it with my bestie at Southwold. What is everyone up too this weekend ? 🌸😌
Throwback to being in my favourite city 🗽 cannot wait to go off travelling on my own next year! Saving all my pennies and just gonna disappear for a while 🗺 #travelblogger #blogging #blog #travel #NYC #newyork #midsizegals #suffolkblogger #USA #travelling #views #instapic #instatravel


Coming back to blogging…

So ya girl is back blogging. Yes, hello it’s me. I have risen from the dead (Kinda), and I am READY to start writing again. I have so much planned for this blog, just need to get my shit together and actually do it!

I took a step back from my blog for a while because I lost my passion for writing and also i’m working 40 hours a week and absolutely pooped most of the time. Life is fucking exhausting if you ask me, and Im slowly falling back into my depression hole again, so I thought that if I started writing again, maybe I can slowly dig my way out.

I’ve been seeing a mental health specialist and I am being referred to a trauma therapist so that’s a step forward. I just hope that they can help me control my thoughts because these past few months I haven’t been my best. I’ve just been very good at putting a fake smile on at work and then breaking down when i’m alone in my room. I couldn’t even tell you what is wrong with me… I guess I’m just not loving this repetitive, BORING lifestyle of sleeping and working all the time that I hold, but that is soon to change!

When I first started this blog, it was going to be based on travel but due to being low on funds, that hasn’t been possible for me. Hence, I have been working my butt off since coming back from university to get out of debt and become semi stable when it comes down to money. I am finally able to pay my bills without going into my overdraft so that is a positive! AND I have been able to book my ONE WAY flight to New Zealand!! I am so beyond excited and so bloody proud of myself for taking the leap and booking it because I honestly thought I was going to pussy out of going due to the fact I am going on my own!

I don’t really know where this post is going, but I just felt like writing today instead of binge watching Netflix like I have been recently (Sex Education Season 2 if you were wondering). Anyway, I’m gonna stop babbling now, but look out for more posts coming up such as ‘Applying for my New Zealand Visa and Booking my flight’ and many many more!!!

See ya x

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