Life after University.

Life after university has pretty much been a disaster for me. Im not gonna sugar coat it, because I think graduates should be prepared for what it is going to be like moving back home and having to go out into the real world because I was certainly not prepared! Now, you may be going to a university that is super supportive and helpful regarding giving you guidance on getting work once you have graduated. This was not the case for me.

Moving home was a shock to the system because one of my main reasons for going to university in the first place was to get away from where I live and particular humans that live there. So i’m basically back where I was 3 years ago which is not the best feeling in the world.

I decided to do some research and see if any other graduates felt this way about leaving university and I found an article from Cosmopolitan discussing how 49% of graduated surveyed said that their mental wellbeing declined once they had graduated. Thank goodness i’m not the only one! But why are people not talking about this?

It is certainly a massive anti-climax going from working your butt off to get to the end goal ‘A Degree’, having the time of your life living with friends, going out and living away from home. To then feeling completely lost once you move back home, struggling to get a job relating to the degree that you have slaved over for 3 years, and living away from the friends that know you best.

I know what I want to do, what industry I would like to work in but i’ll apply for these jobs and either get no reply or go to an interview and not land the job. I’m told I’m not ‘experienced’ enough, but tell me, how am I supposed to get experience in the first place if you won’t give me a chance to prove myself? It really frustrates me and honestly keep being turned down makes me want to give up. However, giving up is not an option in this life, as much as shit gets you down, you really do just have to get back up again and try again otherwise you won’t get anywhere.

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