Why you should go to Brighton.

19th April 2019

Easter bank holiday weekend has been just constant gorgeous weather (something we don’t see too often here in the UK) so my bestie and I decided to go to Brighton as there are more shops there compared to Eastbourne (where im living right now for university) and just to get out for a day now that we have finally finished our dissertations.

I would love to live in Brighton one day, it’s just such an interesting city where people walk around wearing what they want, being who ever they want to be and no body judges you for it because it’s Brighton. But also, I feel like you could just walk around for hours exploring and if you love street art like I do, there are so many amazing art pieces spread through Brighton.

The lanes are probably my favourite part of Brighton because there are so many unique and independent stores, and just makes a change from looking around the normal chain stores that everyone goes in. We went into an antiques store that had loads of random stuff in and managed to pick up some bargain sunglasses for £8 which we’ve had SO much wear out of already.

We then went up to Churchill Square which is the big shopping centre in Brighton. Went into urban outfitters and cried at all the nice things we can’t afford (living on a student loan sucks) so we decided to stick to the affordable shops like H&M, New Look and of course Primark. But for all you’s with jobs, GO HAM!

Once we got bored of shopping we decided it was about time for an alcoholic beverage so we headed toward the beach and ended up getting a classic fruity cider at the Tempest inn. They have a bar and restaurant inside and a bar outside which was packed but we managed to get a table in the sun which was fab.

Once we’d had a drink we decided to have a wonder and see if we could find some picturesque spots. We found a park which was near to the Royal Pavillion that had some gorrrrggg flowers that I had to get some photo’s of and talking of the Royal Pavillion, that’s a building that everyone needs to admire because the architecture is incredible.

After all the walking around we decided we’d go in to Wagamama. Can you guess what I had? I’ll give ya a minute….. YUP a Chicken Katsu Curry because I don’t know what half of the ingredients are in most of their dishes.

Anyway, if you’re ever down south, I’d definitely recommend going to Brighton. It’s actually a super interesting place with so much to do and see.

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