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Okay I know I’ve been AWOL but I’m back!! I’ve just uploaded a new blog post explaining why I went away check it out! New content coming very soon... and I mean that this time 😂 check out my blog in my BIO!! ❤️😬 #guesswhosbackbackagain #blogging #suffolkblogger #travelblogger
I always find walking my doggo helps me clear my head and also a great way to think of new blog ideas! Just wish I had more time to spend writing and producing content! 🤔🍂🍁 #doggo #germanshepherd #husky #beautiful #walkies #suffolk #suffolkblogger #blogger #autumn #bestfriend
BOYS AND GIRLS ! Guess who finally uploaded a new blog post?!? Yup it’s moi, and I think it could be relatable to a lot of people so go and check it out and give it some love pleaseee 💗🌸 Life After University at Shannon’ #suffolk #burystedmunds #lottieswaffles #suffolkblogger #university #mentalhealth #depression #newpost #blog #blogger #travelblogger #travel #wanderlust #midsizegals
In search of of a new beginning... Not sure what I would do without my doggo! She really does make me happy even when I’m at my lowest 💗🌸 #travelblogger #suffolkblogger #doggie #germanshepherd #husky #walkies #knettishalheath #suffolk #blogging #midsizegals #travel #wanderlust
So nice to finally have a weekend off of work and spend it with my bestie at Southwold. What is everyone up too this weekend ? 🌸😌
Throwback to being in my favourite city 🗽 cannot wait to go off travelling on my own next year! Saving all my pennies and just gonna disappear for a while 🗺 #travelblogger #blogging #blog #travel #NYC #newyork #midsizegals #suffolkblogger #USA #travelling #views #instapic #instatravel


At the end of 2018 my two best friends from university and I decided to go on a spontaneous girls trip to Amsterdam.

Flights were super cheap, I think we ended up paying around £40 for a return flight with Easyjet from Gatwick to Schiphol which is an absolute baaaaarg! Then we just booked a hostel which cost around £60 each, also an absolute baaarg and the fact that it was a hostel didn’t bother any of us because we weren’t planning on being in the room except for sleeping of course.

We all had places in mind that we wanted to see, but at the same time we were on a strict budget (living on a student loan is not fun) but most of all we just wanted to chill and explore the beautiful city.

We got there early on a Monday which meant that we have three whole days to explore which was fab. So when we got to the hostel we dropped our shit and went straight out. Firstly we walked through the Red Light District…. that was an experience on it’s own. So bizarre and weird. That’s all I have to say about that lol.

We then went into the Prostitute museum, I know, also weird BUT weirdly interesting to hear about the life of a prostitute. No, even though I am incredibly financially unstable, I don’t think I will consider becoming one anytime soon.

We also visited the Moco Museum, which has loads of Banksy’s art in. I don’t know too much about art, but I do enjoy admiring it. I especially love Banksy’s interpretation of Jesus, as he comments on societies obsession with the materialistic things over Christmas and how everyone has just forgotten the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. It is so true, everyones just focusses on the presents and how much is spent. Why can’t we just spend some decent time with family instead of obsessing over gadgets and gizmo’s?

Anyway, back to Amsterdam.

I’ve wanted to go to Amsterdam for a long time, mainly because I really wanted to go into the Anne Frank House. I have always been interested in her story and the overall history of the jews and nazi’s. It was so so much better than I expected. I came out feeling extremely thankful for my life, because they really did have to deal with some brutal shit. Also just being able to step inside the house and see the ORIGINAL bookcase that hid them for all those years is something I will never forget.

As we were on a budget, we didn’t go to many other places we just wondered around. BUT… because we were there… I just had to….go…. in….to……..of…..the….. cafes….and yannoooooooo. If you know, you know. So that was a fun experience.

Overall, just being able to have a carefree city break with two of my favourite people was enough for me, everything else just topped it off.

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